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Roomie bonding time over breakfast, definitely a lot of fun :) Forming a good relationship with your roomies definitely adds to your experience at MMC and makes it that much more amazing.

I have five other people living in my suite at 55th. We couldn’t be any more different, but it has been awesome. We’ve definitely had our issues and our differences, as would any six people who don’t know each other, but everything has worked out for the best.

Marisa, my roomie who was also our pancake breakfast chef, is from Hershey, Pennsylvania. She is cute, fun and always keeps us laughing with her never ending adorable awkwardness.

Alice, my super intelligent roomie from Jersey, never fails to have a witty and sarcastic, but loving comment for every moment of life and we love her for it. 

Caitlin, who hails from right outside of New York City, is our walking E News with everything from her biggie rap sessions to her extreme love for the Kardashians. She comes off very quiet and sweet at first, but talk negatively about Kim K and you’re in for it.

Alison is from Bronxville, New York, and is our own personal entertainer. She is amazingly artistic. On any given day you can find her singing along beautifully to any Adele song. Although she is very shy about her talent, with a little bit of persistence you may be able to get her to sing. Don’t be fooled by her bohemian style: put her in some tennis shoes and a good hip hop beat and she turns into this amazing hip-hop contemporary fusion dancer.

And last, but certainly not least, we have Nora, who came all the way from Mongolia. She is definitely the pop culture expert of the suite. She is up on all the latest fashion trends, tv shows, celebrity gossip and just about anything else you would want to know. 

Well that’s my roomies…I’ll post a pic of everybody soon!



I went to the New York Public Library in Midtown with one of my roomies this past weekend and it was breathtaking. I know I’m probably a huge nerd for saying this, but there is just something unique about reading a library book, the way library books smell and the way the pages feel. I’ve always loved going to the library as long as I can remember. I highly recommend taking a trip to one of the many libraries around the city…you never know - you may fall in love like I did.



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